Bulgaria Visa and Passport Requirements

Planning to visit Bulgaria? Be it a business trip or a holiday, there are a few things you should know before flying out. Every country has a specific set of requirements for visas and passports for the residents of different countries. Since Bulgaria is now a part of EU, the visa and passport rules are a bit easier for other nationals of EU countries than those from outside the EU. Here are the requirements for visas and passports for individuals traveling to Bulgaria.

Visa requirements:

No visa is required for the citizens of EU countries for the stay of 90 days or less. If their stay exceeds 90 days, they will need to get a special permission from the local police by registering with them. Countries like the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada can also visit Bulgaria for 90 days without a visa. All other visitors need to have a visa before they start their trip to Bulgaria. To get your visa issued, you will need to apply to the Bulgarian embassy and provide the required documents and proof of identity. The following are some of the required documents which you may need to submit to get a visa:

  • Completed application for.
  • Passport: Valid till 6 months ahead of the date of travel.
  • Return ticket or ticket to the next destination from Bulgaria or 300 Euros to pay for the arrangements to leave Bulgaria.
  • Proof of sufficient funds: The visitor must be carrying an amount equivalent to at least 100 Euros per day of his/her visit.
  • To acquire a visa for a business trip you need to submit a letter from your company.
  • For a private trip, you will be required to produce a letter of invitation from a Bulgarian citizen.

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