A large number of Greek citizens are now living in Bulgaria to earn a living and establish a career. These expats are becoming an important part of the Bulgarian economy. Every year the numbers of Greek expats is increasing and they are now forming a small community in Bulgaria. But for a new expat, living in a new country isn’t always easy. There are always doubts, questions and a constant need for guidance.

To help you out in this situation, this website is formed to build a community which can connect all such expats from Greece working in Bulgaria. Here we aim to find solutions to your day to day problems to make your stay comfortable. We will guide you on sending or receiving money to other countries through the best and most effective mediums. We will also try to give you a little glimpse of life in Bulgaria.

This website is run by two expats from Greece, Dimitros and Anastasia. They have been living in Bulgaria for the last 12 years and have been through many such situations which you might be facing now. If you are also a Greek expat and are looking to join a community to find answers to your queries, this website could be your destination.