A Review of Transferwise

When you send money overseas, what are you looking for in a payment company? Quick turnarounds? Low fees and great exchange rates? A safe place that ensures your money gets where it is going? What if I told you that there is a great website that will do all three for you? The service is called TransferWise, and it is everything you probably ever wanted in an international money transfer company.

A Review of Transferwise

So what is TransferWise?

TransferWise is one of those companies that never could have existed before the internet. As many of you remember, sending money internationally before the world wide web existed was a minefield. You had no choice but to use banks or Western Union, and you had to choose between high fees and abysmal exchange rates. But the internet has changed all this for the better; you can now send money cheap and easy from the comfort of your own home.

TransferWise is an amazing service that exchanges money between users. It’s what makes TransferWise cheaper and more innovative than almost anything else on the market. How it works is simple. They take a client who has Currency A and wants Currency B. They find a matching client who wants to exchange his Currency B for Currency A. Then, for a small fee, TransferWise allows those two users to exchange money. Pretty amazing, right? What an insanely simple yet completely game-changing idea! I can also recommend you reading the following TransferWise review article if you want to get deeper understanding about how the system works.

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